Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So because the invitations are less than legible we're posting the details here

Everything is being mailed out this week

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More scattered inspiration

Our wedding will not look like this, but isn't it pretty?
There will be no assigned seating at our wedding

Aww isn't that cute, if only it were true. We've got our keg choices down, there will be 4 kegs, plenty of variety.

Gorgeous dress and a great picture

Weddington Way is always on but these dresses are way expensive

Old postcard of St. Joe's Church... it doesn't have all that seating anymore ;)

Playing with the idea of braids in my hair for wedding hair, not quite decided.

I did, however, teach myself how to braid a 5 strand braid

bird cage veil.. probably won't be seen at our wedding either. 

This is a little over the top with the lighting, but we do like the idea of some dramatic lighting in the church

Sewing my dress has proved to not be too much of challenge for me to handle. Maybe I'll embroider myself a little note too.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Get Excited!!

Our favors and invitations will feature line designs inspired by St. Joe's stained glass:

Here's another picture of the space, and that stained glass picture is the one in the archway of the front door.

We're also doing some research for the non-beer drinkers

Ophelia tried to help out

Out of the Box was the clear winner of the group. Bully Hill Vineyards although environmentalists and local have sickeningly sweet wine... which we should have gathered from their chart on the back explaining the type of wine. 

Almaden and Out of the Box, both Cabernet Sauvignons... Almaden was very watery in taste, just thin compared to Out of the Box which tasted like a decent, dry, richly flavored Cabernet. 

We'll also be taking recommendations for boxed or large quantity wines. Already got a good recommendation for Black Box wines. 

In other news we've ordered some plates and table cloths, silverware etc. etc. haven't put in the table rental order but that will probably be soon to come... looking at the rental catalog we were inspired to add something to the buffet, a hot dog roller, 98% sure that's going to happen, with high quality franks of course ;) and veggie ones too

Hope ya'll are excited too!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Attn: Out of Towners

We've booked blocks of hotel rooms at two locations. Travelers on a budget will probably prefer the Red Carpet Inn because it's almost half the price per night and up to four can stay in a room. Those traveling with children will probably want to stay at the Holiday Inn Express because it has a pool for entertainment. Both places are walking distance to our wedding.

The Red Carpet Inn
500 Northern Boulevard
Albany, NY


July 6-8th

Block booked: 10 rooms available holding 1-4 people
(if we get close to having 10 rooms booked the hotel is willing to add more)

$55 a night

Must reserve by June 1st


Holiday Inn Express
300 Broadway
Albany, NY


July 6-8th

Block booked:
10 king size bed rooms
10 two double bed rooms

$99 a night

Group code: SMERF ( you can only book rooms through the group code via phone)

Must reserve by June 6th

Please book your rooms as soon as possible. Use this post as discussion for rooming with other people, etc.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Rod and I decided that instead of spending $100 bucks on postcards and postage we're going to send our save the dates via the good old internet. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012


 That's a cute picture.

I love these hanging light fixtures... I want to do something like that. I've been collecting jars, but from this some other shapes would be nice too.

This is how it'll look at night... but we did get some led christmas lights that are a bit more blue, so I guess it'll be different. Who knows at this point what anything will be like.

 Rod is very intrigued by this idea... superhero boutonnieres

And I like these personalized shoes

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

St. Joseph's Church

Rod and I just sent an email to the executive director of Historic Albany Foundation asking permission to have our wedding on July 3rd 2012 at the former church they are trying to save-St. Joseph's located in Arbor Hill in Albany.

"St. Joseph's was Albany's third Catholic parish, founded to serve the Irish population associated with the construction of the Erie Canal. This building was designed by Patrick Keely of Brooklyn, one of the most prolific nineteenth-century architects in the United States, and was completed in 1860. For over one hundred years, it served a thriving congregation in the Arbor Hill neighborhood."

"As the population of Arbor Hill changed, so too did St. Joseph's parish. As a result, the local Catholic population dwindled to numbers unable to sustain the church. It was sold to an individual in 1981 and leased back to the parish.

In 1993 the church held its last service and was sold to a private owner, eventually becoming the property of the City of Albany.  By the end of that transitional decade, the church building had deteriorated considerably and faced demolition."

"The charm of St. Joseph's and the Ten Broeck neighborhood provides the downtown revitalization plan with a unique opportunity to solicit creative development concepts for any number of potential business uses. It is a significant architectural gem with quality features and in a beautiful downtown location."

Because they are raising money to make improvements on the church we are offering to use our wedding as a fundraiser for this beautiful building that we were introduced to at a couple art events that have taken place there. We want to do awesome things with lighting and have a beautiful ceremony and reception here.

So here's hoping we receive an interested response from them. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Making Planning Doing

Slowly working on making my wedding dress, I made one piece forever ago and worked on another part today. I'm hoping it comes together like I see it in my head.

In other news we're changing and expanding our ideas about dates and venues. We're pretty psyched on July 3rd (yeah I know, it's a Tuesday) but we have our reasons. We're also thinking about an abandoned church in downtown Albany that we've been to a few art shows in as a venue. Still going to apply to parks, need to call them back.

We have time... *gulp* right?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Brazilian American Wedding

Went to a great wedding last night with Rod, of our friends Livia da Silva (now Mercer) and Acey Mercer!!

It was so much fun! I cried at the ceremony, Livia looked so beautiful and Acey was very nervous.

It was a fairly formal affair with lots of combinations of traditions. The food was delicious and people got down on the dance floor... Rod and I didn't really but that's because we're us :)

Congratulations to the happy couple, and it made us think a bit more about how we're going to plan our big day :D